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20 Vampire Diaries Icons
tv; tw; running up that hill

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New Girls + Teen Wolf icons
tv; tw; it's a panic attack

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singing a bittersweet song | part 1 | PG-13
tv; tw; it's a panic attack

singing a bittersweet song Part 1Collapse )

singing a bittersweet song| part 2 | PG-13
tv; tw; it's a panic attack
singing a bittersweet song part 2Collapse )

singing a bittersweet song | tvd big bang | pg-13
tv; tw; it's a panic attack
Title: singing a bittersweet song
Author: littledivinity
Artist: sucksucksmile
Word Count: 10,021
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Damon, Elena, Damon/Elena, Stefan, Jeremy, Alaric
Warnings N/A
Summary: As Damon and Elena try to save the man they both love and understand what they are to one another, the rest of Mystic Falls settles back into normality. Alaric becomes the man caught in the middle, while trying to take a bigger role in Elena and Jeremy's lives. Damon and Elena think they finally have a lead, and maybe a way to save Stefan. But when a devastating secret of Stefan's is revealed, how will everything unravel? And can anyone come out of it whole?
Author's Note: I want to thank all of my friends that helped me out so much with this. badboy_fangirl for being an encouragement and a beta when she was busy with her OWN BigBang project. petitebelette for being a HUGE supporter of me. liketheroad for always being my biggest supporter when I needed one. And to my beautiful friends that read parts of this as I went along: Laurel, Sandy, and Heather. They are amazing girls.

And finally, to my artist sucksucksmile, thank you for the beautiful work, and for understanding and sympathizing with school scheduling.

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blue would still be blue
tv; tw; it's a panic attack
Guilty as charged: I got super super busy with school, had a hard drive crash of epic proportions (as in, my five month old laptop's harddrive literally just quit...not even from a virus, it just quit!), survived finals and found ... the evils of tumblr. I know, I know. I'm merely the latest in a long line of LJ casualties thanks to tumblr. But I'm determined to be posting some icons soon, so, this is my first batch in months and months, but hopefully they aren't horrible.

Also, in here will be some fanarts I made for tumblr, you can...use them as anything? Banners or whatnot. Just credit me or let me know somehow.

[32] The Vampire Diaries
+ picspams
+ fanart

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so darkness i became [The Vampire Diaries] [Katherine/Damon]
tv; vampire diaries; the taste of your s
title: so darkness i became
pairing: Katherine/Damon
rating: PG
summary: He will break her, or she will break him, and she promised herself long ago to never be taken in by anyone’s heart.
word count: 700

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(no subject)
tv; tw; it's a panic attack
[21] Community
[20] Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
[13] North & South
[15] The Royal Tenenbaums
[21] The Vampire Diaries (latest two episodes)

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we'll be young forever
tv; tw; it's a panic attack
[20] Community - 2x09 (beware spoilers)
[20] Vampire Diaries 2x09 (see above)

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i can break the sky myself
tv; tw; it's a panic attack
[30] Vampire Diaries 2x08 Icons (really 2x08 this time, I can't count)



(Plus, oh God, I kind of...ramble for years about the final 15 minutes. OOPS.)

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